Saturday, December 25, 2010

歩-ふ- - Re:はじめまして(^ω^) / 無料配歩 (2010)

(-Fu- - Re: Hajimemashite(^ω^) / Muryou Hai Fu)

Genre: Alt Rock/Punk
Released: December 23rd, 2009 / March 28th, 2010
Region: Aichi, Japan
Label: Unsigned
Catalog #: N/A
Format: CD-R
Bitrate: 320kbps

Re:はじめまして(^ω^) tracklist
01. 変人
02. 憑依
03. 爆破

無料配歩 tracklist
01. 夜明け
02. 人間ポンプ2010

If you're familiar with the band cali≠gari from Japan, after their formal vocalist 秀児 left in 2000 he went on to form a couple little-known bands. This is his current band, and they're sort of a blend of punk and quirky pop rock.

Bought these at one of their shows in Sendai earlier this year.
The second CD-R was a free bonus item they were handing out and features a remake of the cali≠gari song "人間ポンプ".

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ZXS - Spiral Code (2000)

Genre: Alt Rock/Industrial Rock
Released: Janury 21st, 2000
Region: Osaka, Japan
Label: Tears Music
Catalog #: TEC-38
Format: CD
Bitrate: 320kbps

01. Spiral Code
02. Bug→∽
03. reincarnation + nightmare
04. 蟻
05. circus
06. ロボトピア
08. メリーゴーランド
09. 因果応報
10. Brilliant borderrise
11. ディスペア
12. schizophrenia
13. bio feed-back

My favorite release from one of the most underrated visual kei bands ever. Heavy rock music with pop hooks and industrial electronic elements. This was their first album, they've released a bunch of demotapes as well, and just two other albums.

Bought it off Yahoo! Japan auctions.

Sense of Shape - étoile (1997)

Genre: Glam Metal/Pop Rock
Released: December 1st, 1997
Region: Japan
Label: Matina
Catalog #: SMS-001
Format: CD
Bitrate: 320kbps

tracklist01. 刻の扉
02. With your lies
03. Distress
04. Bouquet~追憶の花束~
05. White snow

As Matina-y as they come. The MIDI intro track, the monologues, the high string lead guitar solos. Everything you'd expect and done pretty well.

Bought it off a visual kei merch trader.

Camlann - Caladbolg (2009)

Genre: Power Metal/Folk Metal
Released: May 5th, 2009
Region: Martinez, California
Label: Unsigned
Catalog #: N/A
Format: CD-R
Bitrate: 320kbps

01. Intro
02. Mordred
03. Arturia
04. A Valiant Sacrifice
05. Thorns Of Eden
06. Journey Through The Pagan Woods
07. The Forest Of Einnashe
08. Noble Phantasm
09. Angra Manyu

Melodious, lo-fi instrumental folk/power metal by a one-man band from California. The CD-R came encased in a brown paper bag that has the printed album art on the front, along with promo material and a cloth patch of the Camlann logo.

This artist is a friend of mine and I bought this off of him back in '09. He's gone on to bigger and better things since then, but I still give this CD and his other Camlann stuff a spin quite often.

Raffia di:ser - Realize (2001)

Genre: Alt Rock/Goth Rock
Released: September 9th, 2001
Region: Tochinoki, Japan
Label: Future Gate/Infinite Records
Catalog #: RAMR-0901
Format: CD
Bitrate: 320kbps

tracklist01. VISION OF FUTURE
02. Mad cry
03. 輪廻
04. 遺伝子操作 Type-R
05. 薬物投下 Type-R
06. 夢遊病 Type-R
07. 妄想に犯された現実主義者の最期
08. erotomania

When I buy CDs like these I never know what to expect because I like to be pleasantly surprised, and I was with this CD. Poppy, sorta gothy rock with almost dance-like electronic elements and a prominent "visual kei" flare, with eccentric vocals and high-pitched screeches everywhere. Lots of awesome songs on this disc and, seeing as this is one of their only releases, lots of missed potential.

All the tracks were written & composed by the vocalist, who also seemed to be the owner of their label.

Bought it off a visual kei merch trader.

Entice:Vignette - Vivid…Remember (1999)

Genre: Glam Metal/Pop Rock
Released: 1999
Region: Hokkaido, Japan
Label: Time Over Records
Catalog #: TOR-003
Format: CD-R
Bitrate: 320kbps

tracklist01. Vivid…Remember
02. No diffect
03. この空の彼方で…(orgel version)

Though they're not actually a Matina band(to my knowledge), this is quite the standard fare Matina-style pop-metal single.

The title track is awesome and upbeat, track 2 is a croony ballad and track 3 is an orgel-style instrumental(obviously!). Recommended if you enjoy Matina rock bands like Syndrome and MIRAGE.

Bought it off a visual kei merch trader.

Friday, December 24, 2010

地獄絵 - 異形の快楽あるいは、廬世の夢 (1999)

(Jigokue - Igyou no Keraku Arui wa, Anyo no Yume)

Genre: Goth Rock
Released: 1999
Region: Japan
Catalog #: CD002
Format: CD
Bitrate: 320kbps

01. 錯乱神楽
02. 異形の快楽あるいは、廬世の夢
03. 腐蝕斑
04. Dying
05. 囮

Heavy goth rock/post-punk feel. Not much info on them anywhere on the net.

Bought it off a friend of mine.