Sunday, January 1, 2012

D†L - 破片~kakera~ (1997)

(D+L - Hahen~kakera~)

Genre: Alt Rock/Goth Rock
Released: November 25th, 1997
Region: Japan
Label: EastWest Japan
Catalog #: AMCM-4347
Format: CD

01. ガ・ン・ジ・ガ・ラ・メ
02. ユメ ノ ユメ
03. 僕ノ中デ...
04. 月色の十字架
06. 破片

Most people that know D†L know them because it was one of the bands that Dir en grey's bassist, Toshiya, was in prior to his recruitment. This release came out a little while after Toshiya had left the band. The songs on the CD sounds a bit like something Velze, Phobia or Mebius would put out, but not quite on that level of quality. There are still some great tracks on here for fans of this type of music, however. I absolutely love the bass in track 4.

Bought from a vk merch seller.

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