Thursday, January 6, 2011

YOGURT-pooh - GO-q ROCK 01 / 02 / 03

Genre: Alt Rock/Power Pop
Released: 1999
Region: Tokyo, Japan
Label: Vacuum Records
Catalog #: N/A
Format: Cassette
Bitrate: 320 kbps

GO-q ROCK 01 tracklist
A1. TV movies make me happy
A2. Something spilling through my fingers
B1. 夕凪ブルース

GO-q ROCK 02 tracklist
A1. Kids like a fish kill some one
A2. Shorty
B1. Fuzz Pop

GO-q ROCK 03 tracklist
B1. 十月の朝

YOGURT-pooh was a highly underrated pop rock band from Japan's early milennium with loads of great songs and potential. They sound much like a Japanese version of Weezer. These are three pre-major label YOGURT-pooh demotapes. Many of the tracks on these tapes ended up on their later albums, improved and refined.

Keep in mind that these tapes had been played to hell and back before I bought'em so the audio(aside from the already lo-fi recording) is not in the best shape and there's varying levels of distortion on the rips. This is mostly just for big fans of the band and completionists like myself.

Bought off a seller on Yahoo! Japan.


  1. Thanks for these! They sound really awesome. I didn't know about this band at all but they are my favorite now.

  2. No problem! Glad they're actually getting some appreciation. Fantastic band.

  3. hi, thanks for this, how can i download?