Friday, March 11, 2011

DEViL KiTTY - 悪魔鬼茶 (2002)

(DEViL KiTTY - Akuma Kicha)

Genre: Pop/Rock/Experimental
Released: December 23rd, 2002
Region: Tokyo, Japan
Label: Luciffer's Record
Catalog #: DKLR-0002
Format: CD
Bitrate: 320kbps

01. 猫舌
02. Hello Katty
03. 覚醒剤のすすめ
04. ドライブ
05. 死体とデート
06. 愛のパワー2002
07. ヒルドラ
08. アンチお洒落系
09. 初恋
10. 奇形の2ちゃんネラー
11. バンザイお洒落系
12. 束縛

This is DEViL KiTTY's debut album(though my rip is of the 2nd pressing) and it's easily one of the strangest visual kei albums you'll ever hear.

The music on this album is a lo-fi mishmash of fast tempo, noisy punk, vkei-y psuedo-metal with an edgy, insane twist(coupled with Yuga's intense and angry, strained screaming,) and straight-up pop tunes sang by someone who doesn't quite have the accessible voice to make it sound as cheerful as it should. Yuga's high pitched voice is equal parts quirky and psychotic and really sounds like what you'd imagine an angry feline singing music would sound like.

A large amount of the lyrical content(which, in turn, drove the emotion in the vocals) was written in satire and (rather violent)protest to the Oshare Kei movement that was just springing up at the time(and is still going well) where visual bands were dressing hipper, trendier and more accessible.

Recommended for people with open minds. Definitely a polarizing love/hate kind of thing, and I belong in the former.

Bought it off a vkei trader in 2003 or so.


  1. oh man, this is so great. i keep hoping more blogs like this will pop up, but they still seem fairly rare. thanks so much for sharing such great rare stuff from japan. can't wait to check it all out.

  2. Thanks a lot! It's a pleasure really, I love spreadin' good music that hasn't gotten the appreciation it deserves.

  3. i hear ya. is my blog. i've got about 50 vinyl that i'll be ripping in the next week or two of pretty rare and obscure japanese stuff.. as soon as i get my pro-tools interface back from a friend. keep up the good work. definitely a pleasure to find this place.

  4. Egad, that blog's huge! I'll be sifting through stuff for ages. I await the 50(!!) vinyl rips!