Monday, March 14, 2011

Verwüstung - A Left Turn At Happiness (2010)

Genre: Black Metal/Post-Rock/Shoegaze
Released: 2010 (2011 re-release)
Region: San Francisco, CA
Label: parasitecrisis
Catalog #: parasite002
Format: CD
Bitrate: 320 kbps

01. A Left Turn At Happiness
02. Airs (Vanishing)
03. Fascism Avenue
04. Touch
05. Bloody & Scarred (I Want To Die)
06. A Shell Of Your Former Self
07. One Step Closer To Total Fucking Annihilation
08. Misérable (Forever And Always)
09. Counting The Moments To Oblivion (Death)
10. I Wish Everyone Would Die Post-Haste
11. A Feeling Of Pain
12. Bleak Grey Skies (Calling)

Technically the first release(but the second pressing) of this independent solo artist from Cali, who used to be in Camlann and is currently in the band Airs. Lo-fi and super atmospheric instrumental post-rock music loaded with elements of black metal and shoegaze, each song leaning more into one genre than the other. Very unique and mesmerizing sound with a bleak theme of depression, hatred and anguish.

Bought it from the label.

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