Thursday, May 5, 2011

桑江知子 - 熱風 (1979)

(Tomoko Kuwae - Neppu)

Genre: Pop
Released: 1979
Region: Okinawa, Japan
Catalog #: SM25-5041
Format: 12" LP
Bitrate: 320 kbps

A1. Lost In Summer
A2. 熱帯夜
A3. エモーション・ラブ
A4. 恋人の領分
A5. ランナウェイ
A6. クリスタル・ハネムーン

B1. レイマグラス
B2. アルファルド
B3. モーニングレイン
B4. ジャマイカ・タウン
B5. Lost In Summer

Tomoko Kuwae is a Japanese pop star who was most active in the late 70's/early-to-mid 80's but never really caught a big fanbase and got totally deprived of the fame and appreciation she deserved. This is her first album(I think?) and for some reason it's not even listed in her japanese wiki, or in most sites with info about her. It's scattered across the net on japanese music websites and appears in auctions now and then just to prove it exists.

This LP showcases both her own songwriting talent(though she only composed tracks a1, a5, b1 and b5) and her smooth, beautiful singing voice. The songs are mostly accessible pop that fit the era, with a few venturing over into funky Disco-ish stylings.

Recommended for lovers of pre-90's pop music, such as myself.
Bought from an ebay seller.


  1. fuck, i can't wait to download this. i've wanted this album for a while now.

    i'm diggin your blog, by the way. keep it up!

  2. Yeah, same here. I got lucky stumbling upon it on ebay, of all places.

    Will do, thanks! I check yours every day.