Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sugar Plant - Window Pane E.P. (1995)

Genre: Pop Rock/Acoustic
Released: 1995
Region: Japan
Label: Sunday Records
Catalog #: Sunday 036
Format: Red 7"
Bitrate: 320 kbps

A. Window Pane

B. Book

Soothing, bare-bones acoustic pop. This 7" might not be the BEST introduction to these guys if you've never heard 'em before(in which case, try their other stuff too,) but you'll like it if you dig this kind of stuff.

Great music to wake up with a cup of coffee to.

Bought it off an eBay seller.


  1. sweet. gonna check this out. hey, i noticed a few of your posts have come from yahoo japan. how do you manage to order from there? i thought it was all japan only kinda deal.

  2. I use muku because it's the easiest, for me, that I've tried so far. It's expensive(like all auction services) so I really only shop on y!j when I have lots of spare cash lying around. :(

    Something that's ¥500 on y!j will come to about $25/$30 USD after all the service and shipping charges.

  3. How could download this file

  4. How could download this file