Thursday, August 11, 2011

上原敏 - 全集 「永速の上原 敏」 第5巻 (194?)

(Bin Uehara - Zenjuu "Eisoku no Uehara Bin" Dai 5 Kan)

Genre: Pop/Folk
Released: 194?
Region: Akita, Japan
Label: JASRAC?
Catalog #: R-260073
Format: 12" LP
Bitrate: 320 kbps

A1. 愛国行進曲
A2. いろは仁義
A3. ?
A4. 流転
A5. ?
A6. ?
A7. 通り雨の唄

B1. 南京だより
B2. 北支よいとこ
B3. 徳利の別れ (赤垣源蔵の唄)
B4. 安兵衛ぶし
B5. ?
B6. ?
B7. 男ひとたび

Found this compilation of early-Showa era pop vocalist Bin Uehara in a record store in CA. No matter what I use, I can't find a speck of reference or information on this specific release anywhere on the internet, so I can't get a thorough tracklist to put up here, nor a proper date of release.

I barely got the title of the record right. I'm terrible with kanji so I can't figure it out myself(If anyone's really curious and willing to help, I can send scans of the jacket and/or sleeve.)

Anyways, this 12" is loaded with old pre- and post-war Japanese folk pop tunes, mostly upbeat, but with some ballads here and there. A really great record for people into music from that era, the guy had a great voice.

Bought from Rasputin Music.

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