Monday, August 1, 2011

Kagrra - 鵺 (2000)

(Kagrra - Nue)

Genre: Alt Rock/"Neo-Japanesque"
Released: 2000
Region: Hokkaido, Japan
Label: PS Company
Catalog #: PSTA-0016
Format: CD
Bitrate: 320 kbps

01. 鬼遊の唄
02. 魔笛
03. 鵺の哭く頃
04. 混沌
05. し,み,め,ゆ,き,さ,あ
06. 白い魔手

I knew I had to post some Kagrra in memory of Isshi, their vocalist, as soon as I heard the bad news, but it's taken me a few days to get settled.

Hopefully you guys have heard them and know what a tragedy it is to have lost such an excellent voice, but if you haven't, I highly suggest you give them a try. They were one of the most interesting, unique, and stand-out of all the visual bands to come out this past decade and they're not something to have missed out on.

Bought from Amoeba Music.


  1. Thanks a lot! I didn't have this in such great quality.

    A real shame about Isshi, a great loss. May he rest in peace.

  2. Yeah Kagrra, were one of a kind. RIP Isshi.

    There has been a rerecorded version of し,み,め,ゆ,き,さ,あ but i think it was only released in the form of a PV.