Thursday, September 29, 2011

稲垣潤一 - EDGE OF TIME (1988)

(Junichi Inagaki - EDGE OF TIME)

Genre: Pop
Released: April 25th, 1988
Region: Japan
Catalog #: 32FD-7005
Format: CD

01. 1・2・3
02. ひとつの椅子
03. September Kiss
04. サザンクロス
05. 時の岸辺
06. She is a star
07. Money Girl
08. Oh Darling
09. Slow Dancin'
10. 君のためにバラードを

Smooth, radio-friendly crooner pop from a singer/sometimes songwriter with a cool voice. Track 1 is easily one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE pop songs to come out of Japan from that decade. Infectious and classy.

Junichi Inagaki was pretty well-loved in Japan around the 80's and early 90's and he's put out some fantastic singles. This isn't his best, but it's great nonetheless and I recommend giving it a spin.

Bought from a seller on eBay.

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