Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ゼクス - H∀PPY / 回転木馬 / 麻薬ノ破片 (999 version) (2002)

(ZXS - HAPPY / Kaitenmokuba / Mayaku no Hahen (999 version))

Genre: Alt Rock/Industrial Rock/Metal
Released: 2002
Region: Osaka, Japan
Label: kapparecords
Catalog #: KPMT-01/KPMT-02/KPCR-10
Format: Cassette/Mini-CD

H∀PPY tracklist
a. H∀PPY
b. cutting blood (ORIZINAL version)

回転木馬 tracklist
a. 回転木馬
b. カルマ(ORIZINAL version)

麻薬ノ破片 (999 version) tracklist
01. 麻薬ノ破片

One day, I'll have everything they ever released!

More of the same excellence, all released post-cure and pre-MUGENCORE. First tape has a new song(that got put on MUGENCORE) and a different version of a song off their Cure album. Second tape has another new track that made it to MUGENCORE and a different version of a song off Spiral Code and the Cerebral Ache tape, and the mini-CD features a remake of a song off that same tape.

Bought from a vk merch seller.

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