Saturday, October 22, 2011

POLL TURNOUT: "Do you make music? (貴方は音楽を作るか?)"

-> "Yes.": 4 (33%)
-> "No, don't really want to.": 1 (8%)
-> "No, but I would like to.": 7 (58%)
-> "I used to, but not anymore.": 0 (0%)

Seems there're quite a few people who browse the blog that also make music of their own. You all deserve a brofist.

Now's when you post me links to samples of your stuff so I can listen to it.
I love discovering new music. I really, really do. To those of you who haven't attempted songwriting but would like to, get on it. You might find it to be one of the most fulfilling things you'll ever do.

Oh, I should take the moment to namedrop my own stuff, heh heh heh ...
Ripple'Field (synthpop/experimental electro)
Airs (shoegaze/post-rock/alt rock)

I'm also working on an album for a project that'll feature mixes of goth rock, post-punk and black metal, called Vuota. Here's a brief WIP track.

DAS:VASSER - 青玉-サファイア- (1998)


Genre: Goth Rock/Metal
Released: October 10th, 1998
Region: Osaka, Japan
Label: Matina
Catalog #: SMDV-001
Format: Cassette

A. 夢又夢…
B. 青イ…「mask」

Old demo tape from vk matina band DAS:VASSER. Only two tracks, but they're both fantastic songs. A side is gothier, b side is more thrashy.

Bought from a vk merch seller.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

P∽L - アジアのシンボル (2002)


Genre: Alt Rock
Released: August 1st, 2002
Region: Japan
Label: Art Pop
Catalog #: APCRD-0202
Format: CD

02. 信度 5
03. 白船
04. 色とりどりの答え
05. 揺ゆ狷
06. symbol

One of the most interesting alternative rock bands in visual kei, and by far one of the most underrated. I remember discovering these guys while I was scouring WinMX in late 2002 or so and falling completely in love.

Memorable riffs from タイト(who's known now as ケッチ in KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND) on guitar, fantastically unique, quirky and somewhat seductive vocals from singer シャカ(now in Miss Jelly Fish, and Acmahead before that) and you also have ティル from lab./LAB. THE BASEMENT on bass. He co-wrote one of the CD's best tracks(symbol) with シャカ. This CD was, unfortunately, the only thing they released that ever had more than 3 tracks.

One of my favorite indie visual kei albums and bands.

Bought from a vk merch seller.

Trash Gang - I "CYGUARD" (1989)

Genre: Glam Metal
Released: September 25th, 1989
Region: Japan
Label: Polydor
Catalog #: HOOP-20346
Format: CD

01. Shake Your Body
02. Feed Back
03. Nature's Child
04. D-Day
05. Only 17
06. It's Too Late
07. Can't Get It Enough
08. It's All Right
09. Under The Table
10. Groovy Night Times Go

Awesomely nostalgic 80's hair metal at its most defined. Not a genre I was ever that big into, but I enjoyed this album regardless. Not sure if these guys have done much in music since the 80's cause I can't find any record of newer releases of theirs.

Submitted to the blog by James S.. Thanks!