Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Aggressive Dogs - TRUTH&NEWS!MEDIA!! (1990)

Genre: Punk
Released: November 12th, 1990
Region: Kyushu, Japan
Label: Nippon Crown
Catalog #: CRCR-6011
Format: CD

01. トゥルース&ニュース!メディア!!
02. シュア,ゴー・トゥ・ザ・カントリー・トゥ・キス(カム・オン)
03. リフューズ・イズ・マイ・サン
04. ドゥ・イット・ユアセルフ
05. ディド・ザ・キャリア・ピジョン・ダイ?
06. お前には解けねぇさ (I Know You Can't Solve)
07. ××××イズ・ハイ
08. マニアック
09. ノー・ラフィン,ノー・ダウン
10. いつの日かマトモになってやるぜ (TOUGH BOY)

A bit of history: Aggressive Dogs have seemingly been around on Japan's hardcore punk scene since 1982, in that period they released a few early EPs, I think this is their first proper album with full production values, it's pretty sharp.

From this period onward though they would adopt more of a NYHC sound and even became good friends with Agnostic Front, their later focus on more gang-orientated themes seems a little laughable at first but they actually melded themselves around that pretty well, I think it's just pretty commendable that lead singer Uzi-One could adopt a new style so well without looking like a terrible poser.

There is basically a massive difference between their old and new stuff, but I think they still play some of their old punk songs at lives, which is cool.

(Submitted by James)

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