Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Breaks - The Breaks (1983)

Genre: Pop Rock
Released: 1983
Region: Memphis, TN
Label: RCA
Catalog #: AFL1-4675
Format: 12" LP

A1. She Wants You
A2. You Stole My Heart
A3. Don't Mislead Me
A4. Fire in the Wire
A5. Green Eyes
B1. Wishy Washy
B2. I Play The Fool
B3. Lonely Girls
B4. Keepin' The Love Alive
B5. The Last To Know

Found this in a $1 vinyl bin at a local record store and bought it ONLY because the cover just looked so adorable and 80's nostalgic, but it also helped that I had never heard of them before. When I got home, I looked them up and was barely able to find anything at all. They have very few listens on and their artist page is taken over by a different band. When I popped the record on, I was greeted by some absurdly, infectiously catchy pop melodies, a beautiful female voice and an overall charming, optimistic, youthful sounding pop rock group.

Turns out the singer and lead guitarist have been a couple since the 70's and they've had two or three bands together(this and Drama) as well as some solo stuff here and there. This record sounds a bit like something Heart or Pat Benatar would've done, but it's not so much the band's sound as it is their knack for toe-tapping pop hooks that grabs me. It's a shame they never got bigger. They would've gotten really far with better promotion, I think.

Give 'em a try if you like accessible pop and are always looking for something to hum and sing along to while paying close attention to who might be looking because what you're singing along to might not be the manliest thing in the world.

Bought from a local record store.


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