Friday, February 17, 2012

Chateau La tour - 「葬列..」 (2000)

(Chateau La tour - "Souretsu..")

Genre: Goth Rock
Released: September 4th, 2000
Region: Saitama, Japan
Label: Iraya Label
Catalog #: IR-7773
Format: CD

01. 葬列
02. 奇形の君へ
03. Tragedy
04. 未完の終幕

Third single from one of DEViL KiTTY/Kar'MariA frontman Yuuga's earliest bands. If you've heard his other stuff, you'll surely recognize parts of track 2. Yuuga liked to take parts of his old songs and recycle them into new ones, which always made for interesting comparison listening and almost felt like those songs were tied together in some canonical way.

Bought from a friend.

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