Friday, February 24, 2012

Duel Jewel pre-Lapidary demos

Genre: Alt/Pop Rock
Released: 1999-2000
Region: Tokyo, Japan
Label: Self-Released?
Format: Cassette

月と戯れ tracklist
01. 月と戯れ

白 tracklist
02. Chaste Sin
03. 永遠に夢を重ねて
04. 絆~Pray To Gray~

黒 tracklist
01. Bloody Mazenda
02. 暗幕
03. Nauthiz and…?

沈黙 tracklist
01. 沈黙

Since it was made clear that you guys don't mind much if I post low bitrate stuff every now and then ... I figured I'd start with these old, rare Duel Jewel demo tapes. All but one of the tracks off these tapes made it onto either Lapidary or Noah, but in updated versions.

Fuzzy and amateurish demos are something I've always had a weakness for and when they're of songs I already know and love it's even more exciting. These songs sound just awesome as their full versions, the biggest difference being some lyrics in Anmaku, the overall recording quality, and the song "Bloody Mazenda", which DJ have all but abandoned ever since the kuro tape - a REAL shame. It's an awesome song.

If you dig Lapidary as much as I do and are really curious how those songs sounded in simpler, younger, and somehow even more mystical-sounding demo form, then check these out. If you never gave that album a listen, check these out anyways cause they're freakin' beautiful.

Snagged off WinMX forever and a day ago.


  1. These were my tapes, I've imported them from Japan many years ago and converted into digital format to trade with japanese users in exchange of other rare material from the bands I still enjoy.
    They were very expensive, some of them (the original tapes) still don't have a price, some of them are almost impossible to find and some are very expensive (more than 25,000yen).
    You could download these files from my WinMX account because it did not have any kind of download protection, it was the ordinary WinMX, but japanese users used to use P2P clients like Utatane, Mameya and Patched WinMX so you couldn't download anything from them, just by trade and being very polite.
    Anyway, I'm happy that you enjoyed them, these things are supposed to be kept within the DuelJewel Community (RAG Fanclub which doesn't exist anymore), the band itself asked the fans many times to not share them, so I still respect that.
    Your download link is protected, I like that, but some people have made public torrents out of these files, so now you can find them on any online stream mp3 websites full of advertising on one of the first google pages along with any other track (I've seen "Bloody Mazenda" from the japanese 2000年 kuro demotape along with Justin Bieber on the same page), so I think that these tapes kind of lost its value because of all the sharing), you can also find them on vk . com which has lots of copyrighted material, anyway, there are nothing special about them anymore.
    Because of that, the other tapes (Kaze the winding garden, Insensible Silence and many others) are very well protected within the dueljewel community.

    1. Woah! I wonder if I got these from you, then. I snagged 'em off someone on WinMX who certainly had no trade rules or file restrictions, which really surprised me at the time because I was looking all over for these. I soon saw these same files on SoulSeek not long after and this blog is the only place I ever shared these files after finding them myself.

      Though I know you're referring to P2P trade value, I really dislike the idea that art can 'lose value' when it's duplicated digitally. Owning the real deal will always be the truest, purest, realest way to collect most media. I'd pay heaps of dough for physical versions of these even if they're apparently found 'on a website next to justin beiber' now (I'm not even sure what that implies anyways - do Beiber and DuelJewel share an audience? hahaha)

      I've seen 風~The Winding Garden~ on P2P but I've only seen Insensible Silence mentioned on グラスレ. I wish the DJ community were more outspoken about their love of their early stuff, maybe the band would go back to that sound/release a comp of old demos or something. That'll be the day ... :'(

      Thanks for the comment!! Guess this place is still getting some foot traffic after all.