Monday, July 17, 2017


Hey, everyone!
So, this blog lasted for WAY longer than I expected with all the files intact ... but all good things must come to an end. One by one, every file on the blog got reported and just about all of them deleted by Mediafire. Photobucket also locked all the hosted images I used for each post. Seemed like a good time to call it.

Maybe someday I'll start a new shareblog. My collection has grown GREATLY since my last post and I have so much more to share but blogs & upload services don't seem like the place to do it right now. What I'll most likely do is set up a SLSK account and put all the music up on there, with only the reviews posted here. With how busy I've been, though, that doesn't seem likely to happen any time soon.

Regardless, if it does happen, I'll post here to let you all know. If you want me to send emails instead so you don't have to come back here all the time, contact me via xioxioxio at gmail with the subject "SHAREBLOG" so I can save your address and email you as soon as I've updated.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, and special thanks to all the people who sent thankful emails and messages about the stuff posted here!