Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oedipus Scream - the Mental Purpose (1988)

Genre: Goth Rock/New Wave
Released: 1988
Region: Rochester, NY
Label: Dresser Records
Catalog #: DR-003
Format: 12" LP
Bitrate: 320 kbps

D1. Lullabye Skies
D2. Coy Dog
D3. Blind Fear

E1. Waiting on the Moon
E2. Silence Speak
E3. Brighter Days
E4. Master Peace

This has been posted on quite a few other great blogs, but I figured it needed some more spreading, and it's a new rip so it isn't just a stolen link. Quality 80's goth rock with a wavey/punky feel, think Christian Death crossed with, say, early Killing Joke or Bauhaus. They went way under the radar and that's really a shame, cause they had potential.

Bought it off the bassist, Patrick Denney.
Contact him if you wanna purchase a copy!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Anne - Mixtape One (2010)

Genre: Shoegaze/Dreampop
Released: 2010
Region: Portland, OR
Label: Self-Released
Catalog #: N/A
Format: CD
Bitrate: 320 kbps

01. Get It How You Live
02. Stripping
03. Perfect Teeth
04. All Your Time

Super synthy, ethereal, catchy/poppy 'gazer release by promising independent band Anne from Oregon. Highly, HIGHLY recommended for fans of the genre, or just good music in general. Can't wait to hear what else these guys will come out with.

Bought it from the band.

Verwüstung - A Left Turn At Happiness (2010)

Genre: Black Metal/Post-Rock/Shoegaze
Released: 2010 (2011 re-release)
Region: San Francisco, CA
Label: parasitecrisis
Catalog #: parasite002
Format: CD
Bitrate: 320 kbps

01. A Left Turn At Happiness
02. Airs (Vanishing)
03. Fascism Avenue
04. Touch
05. Bloody & Scarred (I Want To Die)
06. A Shell Of Your Former Self
07. One Step Closer To Total Fucking Annihilation
08. Misérable (Forever And Always)
09. Counting The Moments To Oblivion (Death)
10. I Wish Everyone Would Die Post-Haste
11. A Feeling Of Pain
12. Bleak Grey Skies (Calling)

Technically the first release(but the second pressing) of this independent solo artist from Cali, who used to be in Camlann and is currently in the band Airs. Lo-fi and super atmospheric instrumental post-rock music loaded with elements of black metal and shoegaze, each song leaning more into one genre than the other. Very unique and mesmerizing sound with a bleak theme of depression, hatred and anguish.

Bought it from the label.

Friday, March 11, 2011

DEViL KiTTY - 悪魔鬼茶 (2002)

(DEViL KiTTY - Akuma Kicha)

Genre: Pop/Rock/Experimental
Released: December 23rd, 2002
Region: Tokyo, Japan
Label: Luciffer's Record
Catalog #: DKLR-0002
Format: CD
Bitrate: 320kbps

01. 猫舌
02. Hello Katty
03. 覚醒剤のすすめ
04. ドライブ
05. 死体とデート
06. 愛のパワー2002
07. ヒルドラ
08. アンチお洒落系
09. 初恋
10. 奇形の2ちゃんネラー
11. バンザイお洒落系
12. 束縛

This is DEViL KiTTY's debut album(though my rip is of the 2nd pressing) and it's easily one of the strangest visual kei albums you'll ever hear.

The music on this album is a lo-fi mishmash of fast tempo, noisy punk, vkei-y psuedo-metal with an edgy, insane twist(coupled with Yuga's intense and angry, strained screaming,) and straight-up pop tunes sang by someone who doesn't quite have the accessible voice to make it sound as cheerful as it should. Yuga's high pitched voice is equal parts quirky and psychotic and really sounds like what you'd imagine an angry feline singing music would sound like.

A large amount of the lyrical content(which, in turn, drove the emotion in the vocals) was written in satire and (rather violent)protest to the Oshare Kei movement that was just springing up at the time(and is still going well) where visual bands were dressing hipper, trendier and more accessible.

Recommended for people with open minds. Definitely a polarizing love/hate kind of thing, and I belong in the former.

Bought it off a vkei trader in 2003 or so.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

DUMMY CHILDREN - communication (2003)

Genre: Alt Rock
Released: September 12th, 2003
Region: Hiroshima, Japan
Label: Second Scene
Catalog #: OSTP-001
Format: CD
Bitrate: 320kbps

01. farewell
02. silent film
03. communication
04. illuse of mother
05. ordinal number

Underrated I-can't-believe-they're-not-Nagoyan band DUMMY CHILDREN sounded much like their peers at the time, bands like GULLET and Blast, but they were a bit rawer and grungier. This was their first album, and shortly after this got released their guitarist/lead songwriter Niso left the band, which, in my opinion, degraded their overall sound a bit.

Bought it off a friend.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

安全地帯 - 萠黄色のスナップ/一度だけ (1984) / オン・マイ・ウェイ/FIRST LOVE TWICE

(Anzenchitai - Moegi-Iro no SNAP/Ichidodake, ON MY WAY/FIRST LOVE TWICE)

Genre: Pop Rock/New Wave
Released: February 25th, 1982 / October 25th, 1982
Region: Hokkaido, Japan
Label: Kitty Records
Catalog #: 7DK-7026 / 7DS-0019
Format: 7" single
Bitrate: 320 kbps

A. 萠黄色のスナップ
B. 一度だけ

A. オン・マイ・ウェイ

安全地帯's first two singles before their debut album released. The A sides ended up on that album, and the B sides are more beautiful 80's pop bliss that you'd expect from them, especially from this era.

Highly recommended if you dig pop rock(along the lines of, say, Hall & Oates) done masterfully, and want a healthy dose of 80's nostalgia. One of my favorite Japanese bands of all time.

Bought off a seller on Yahoo! Japan.